Physical Therapy

Physical therapy 

Medical massage

To relieve pain, relax the body tissues, regulate the nervous tension and restore blood flow.

Rehabilitation – post trauma treatment

  • Fight against rheumatism (arthrosis, arthritis, arthritis, sciatica)
  • Keep its autonomy within the framework of disease neurological such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, various paralysis, strokes
  • Treat lung diseases (liberation of the lungs) in adults and children

Spine School 

  • Strengthen the core
  • Manage the spine according to its morphology
  • Learn posture techniques for daily routines 


Harmonious and conditional breathing

  • Learn high respiration in the form of exercises that restore the physiological abdominal breathing
  • Improve the entire respiratory system (lungs, diaphragm muscle, stomach, pharynx, larynx)
  • Obtain the mental concentration and self and body control   

first stage of meditation

Beneficial effects:

  • Restoration and amplification of its vital energy
  • Fortification of the immune system
  • Fight against stress and nervousness
  • Control of emotions
  • Control of body tension
  • Control of eating habits and digestive functions
  • Harmonization of the soul, emotions and body
  • Stimulation of the third Chakra – power, wisdom and emotions center
  • Release the solar plexus, which control the digestive organs, body temperature, which regulates the nervous tension
  • Acquisition of mindfulness allowing to set in the present moment and thus to release negative thoughts 













At Swiss Health Center we specialize in science-based lifestyle regeneration cures designed to suit all health habits, complications and busy schedules. The reenergizing cures are devoted to cultivate a healthy lifestyle for you in unique, enjoyable and permanent ways.

Each one of the cures will provide you with the inspiration, self knowledge and practical application to turn your intentions into a lasting reality, which will energize and enhance you, no matter how long you plan to stay in the fascinating Crans Montana resort.

Choose from 4 of our cures that vary in duration to best fit your schedule and goals. Each cure is designed with a strong fundamental core to ensure the results. Nevertheless, after thorough consultation the treatments are personalized to the patient’s needs and adjusted to your body’s assessment. 

Our center includes a complete medical clinic with a full range of diagnostic testing and medical assessments.