Medical Services

Our services are adjustable to your personal needs, with highly qualified specialist on site and in connection with Swiss Health Center.

We provide specialist consultations that are unique to Switzerland's highly qualified and experienced professionals.  


  • Medical consultation                                                                        
  • Blood analysis                            
  • ECG at rest                                                                             
  • ECG stress test                                                                          
  • Spirometry and oxymetry                                                           
  • Audio-visual assessment                                                     
  • Sleep laboratory        
  • O-zone therapy     
  • Oxygen therapy    
  • Personal health program                           
  • Revitalizing Organotherapy                                


Other Consultation and Medical Treatments available:


Revitalization Organotherapy

We are focused in providing patients with natural empowerment to live and feel youthful. One of our specializations that enables patients' to experience the aesthetics externally as well as within is through the Revitalization Organotherapy, designed to the individual needs of each patient.

The therapy is a distinguished Swiss therapy, frequently referred to as the Anti-Aging therapy. It contains highly potentialized cell-extract as well as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, etc. aimed to rejuvenate the body internally and externally by reducing the process of cell alteration. By increasing cell regeneration, the aging process can be reversed or slow down.

The positive aftereffect for the patients' is a contribution to an overall termination of the aging process and boost to immune system. The process it can help balance internal flow, improve physiological function and further strengthen metabolism. In the meantime, the readjusting of the internal flow boosts blood circulation, cell activity, while maintaining the human body in a positive state of balance.